Heyy! I'm Jenny Jakkila.

I am a young woman from Finnish Lapland's gem - Rovaniemi, currently living abroad. I am passionate about yoga and I am also a certified yoga teacher. Meditation practice changed my life for the better which led me to share the immense benefits of yoga and meditation with others by publishing a meditation podcast Meditaatiot suomeksi (in Finnish). My vision is to make meditation mainstream. Something that each and everyone knows about and is capable of doing :) In addition, I write this blog to share my journey in life and some insights which are hopefully helpful or at least something to look back into!


When I hit the age 25 milestone I got into a kind of quarter-life-crisis and started seriously questioning my life choices... It became clear that it was time to change my life. Therefore, I started a personal development journey. Safe to say it changed my life completely and my mental health state got into the best shape it's ever been! But of course, personal development is a continuous journey I am still on. I love to learn more about the world outside and inside of my head. Travel is a blessing, food is fun and happiness is the way. 

jenny jakkila