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14 years of Princess Pyni

It's hard to believe but YUP queen Candy, Pyni, Pampam or whatever name you wanna use, is now 14. Fourteen is a very respectable age for a doggo. Fortunately, she seems to be in great shape and the age does not bother her too much. She is still eager to steal food from the high counters and uses her brain daily to figure out how to raid the trashcan or open some new cabinets to find food... Surely her food hunting hobby keeps her young! Of course, she also spends lots of time napping and enjoying snuggles. She has actually gotten a waay clingier and she demands tons of snuggles by screaming?? Oh well, I've gotten easy and started to spoil her so the queen pretty much always gets what she wants... No regrets. She is just so great and I love her so muchy much. ♥️

Here are some pics of the birthday celebrations which included grooming, naps and obviously a cake.

So grateful of having this lil angel in my life. Cheers to the 14!! Every day counts ♥️

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