So after our Valencia life was over and it was time to leave, there were some extra stress due the international travel chaos caused by Covid-19. It was impossible to get straight flights from Spain to Finland. Or yes, it was possible to buy the straight flights - till they got cancelled... But luckily Rolf came up with other plan :)

At first we took a van ride to Alicante to catch a flight heading to Amsterdam. In general, flying was an interesting experience with the very strict safety measurements, wearing masks and bathing in hand disinfectant. The flight was almost empty and the airports even emptier. The hot Spanish weather caused stress over Pyni's wellbeing at the airport: poor angel was super heated and I ended up pouring some water on her before she went off with the airport staff for boarding... But everything went smooth! We arrived to Amsterdam Schiphol airport middle of the night and headed straight to sleep in our room in the Hilton hotel.

The next morning started off with a huge breakfast delivered into the room. The regular breakfast buffet was still closed, but I think brekkie in bed was better! :) According to our original plan we were supposed to stay in Amsterdam only for a day before flying again, but long story short: we ended up staying for five days. This extra time was lovely. More time to chill and relax!

The hotel room was great! Me and pynpyn barely wanted to leave it... Sooo cozy! And honestly, at first I was a bit scared to leave Pyni alone in the new place. It's hard to determine how comfortable she is and whether she will stress or bark when left alone. But we did some chill walks in the green areas nearby the hotel with Pynpyn. And Rolf did some handstands...

In addition, me and Rolf went to the Amsterdam city center for sights seeing. We visited very cool museum of prostitution. It was interesting and informative. There were lots of real props and also audio interviews from real prostitutes, so the guests got a clearer picture of the life of a prostitute. Very fascinating museum - I do recommend.

The Museum of Prostitution was the only museum we were able to go, as the corona capacity limitations had caused lots of placed to be sold out weeks beforehand. But it was okay. In general I prefer holidays with lots of chilling, eating and drinking than the ones filled with running around crazily trying to see everything. So lucky me!! We went for example to eat at Yuan's Hot Pot in the Pijp neighborhood. It was my first time eating hotpot and it was lovely! We also went to a trendy bar called de Tulp, and got two cool craft beers to taste - which meant that I reached an honorable 100 different beers tasted - badge on untappd!!

It was extremely pleasant to stay at the emptier hotel. There were barely no tourists because of the travel restrictions, and therefore almost all the common areas of the hotel were empty. It super nice! More room for us :) We also checked out the hotel spa area.

Before leaving Amsterdam we had some extreme drama with KLM airline. Let's just say that I would not recommend KLM for anybody who travels with doggos!! But with a fair share of luck me and Pyni made it to Helsinki and Rolf continued to Berlin the day after. Sweet!!

If I counted right, the flight from Amsterdam to Helsinki was Pyni's eight flight. She is tough. What a cosmopolitan!! It really requires an extremely strong personality for a dog to travel a lot, and luckily Pyni got one. She is usually very coolheaded - and keeps her chill in every situation. Anyways, now at the age of 13 it is time for her to enjoy peace and quiet in Finland. Happy retirement day my angel! ❤︎