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Last days in Finland

My six months of Finland are almost done, soon it is time for Spain! Bittersweet.

After Rovaniemi, me and Pyni travelled by train back to Helsinki. Since we have given up our room already at the end of December, Pyni and I were pretty much homeless. Luckily my sister Jonna, who also lives in Kallio let us stay at her place for the last almost three weeks.

As it is always lil explosive between us sisters, it was little scary to go there to be honest. Buuut fortunately everything went great, basically zero fighting and only peace and love hahah! Super grateful for Jonna's hospitality :) She also helped me to take care of Pyni, as Rolf was mostly in Berlin and I was single mama. Veeery nice:)

Last weeks in Helsinki were pretty busy. Work took the most of my time, but it was super nice anyways as I am not planning on working in Spain. Better make that bread now then hahah.

I also got a bunch of errands to run as it is never so easy to move... Especially when you're going abroad and not exactly sure for how long.

I also met some friends. Definitely should have spent more time with them during my stay in Finland. I can believe six months went past so fast! Barely had a change to do anything... Oh well I am anyways pretty happy about this lil trip to Finland, I got a very cool work experience and met many new lovely people and also got to see the old friends at least more often than I would have if I would had been in Germany.

Definitely no ragrets, maybe I will move back to Helsinki someday. It's a lovely place to live :)

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