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Three years ago today I was partying in Berlin with my new classmates from the university. When we left our initial preparty place I somehow lost the group and ended up getting lost at the construction site next to Ostkreuz railwaystation in Berlin. Don't ask how'd that happen but somehow I was alone in this gated construction site middle of the night... Anyways, well the quickest way to get out of the site was to climb the fence and some lovely lady on the right side of the fence was very polite to hold my beer when I climbed up. To my nasty surprise there were spikes on the top of the fence and climbing down was not as easy as getting up there had been - but fortunately these two tall gentlemen decided to offer a helping hand and get me down safely. I was obviously super grateful to those nice guys and decided to stay for a chat. Well the chitchat at the trains station kept going till my classmates actually passed us on their way back home from the club... Well, I did not want to waist a good night out so I decided to go clubbing with the two guys I had just met - Rolf and his friend Aaron. Haha here is one blurry pic from that blurry night!

I remember that this pic was supposed to be an instagram photo and we set the bottles very preciously that way to attain the perfect pic... hahahah well even though the pic did not turn out so good - meeting Rolf turned out way better

Since meeting in October 14th in 2017 we started dating casually and I'm not sure when we had "the talk" about being boyfriend and girlfriend, so we have been celebrating our anniversaries on the day we met :) At least I was all uuu la la all the way from the beginning - even though I insisted on keeping it casual as I had commitment scares. Anyways, the things have changed and now Rolf and I have dated already for three years!! Much exciting.

I wanted to make a little recap over the past year! And show some piccies maybe :) Here is a lil questionnaire Rolf and I filled separately soo lets see the answers...

1. Favorite memory together from the past year?

Jenny: The valentine's day was lovely!!! We had a lovely picnic in the park in Valencia and it was warm and perfect. Then at night we went to eat at Riff’s which is like a Michelin star restaurant and it was a great experience. Also Christmas with only Rolf and Pynpyn was very chill and lovely.

Rolf: It’s a plural: The evening walks together through the beautiful city of Valencia.

2. Favorite pic of the other one from the past year?

Jenny: Three favorites... the one taken in Rovaniemi is very cool with the still river behind and sweet colors and bubi being all cool kiddo. Croatia one is charming and hawt. And the last one with Pyni is the cutest.

Rolf: The pic is beautiful and background is very cool.

3. Favorite (date) place we visited from the past year?

Jenny: As a triptrip Croatia was great! But for individual dates there were waay too many great places - luvli restaurants especially :)

Rolf: Valentines day at the RiFF's restaurant was a great experience we shared. The 4 hours together at that table went by like a breeze.

4. What was the funniest moment of our year?

Jenny: Only thing what comes to my mind is Pyni’s birthday and when we tried to take pretty pics of her with the birthday cake but she just kept eating it…. A mess.

Rolf: Not funny but fun have been the jetpack thing and jetski

5. What’s some fun sayings we developed this year?

Jenny: Haha dunno I guess those goodygood and hurtyhurt or all the new nickname variations from Bubi to buber and buberino and buub…. And pyni being miss pampam or pumpum and all other lovely names hahahahah.

Rolf: “Calm your tits!” Well i guess i am the only one finding that one funny 🙈

6. Describe the past year with three words

Jenny: Different, transforming and corona

Rolf: Love Locked Down

7. What new have you learned about the other one this past year?

Jenny: Oh I have learned tons about Rolf and men in general after studying John Gray hahah. For example that he likes to solve his problems alone and asking many questions is stressful and not helpful at all. And that mancave time is vital.

Rolf: That you Jenny is not stagnant in her character. She keeps evolving into someone new, while being the same at the core.

8. How have we grown as a couple in this last year? How has our relationship changed in the past year?

Jenny: Uhhhh in my humble opinion it has changed a lot but for the better!!

Like thanks again to John Gray and other relationship coaches - me understands men way better now and the communication has improved I think. Of course I am generally happier and that makes me see our relationship in a better light but I think it has honestly gotten better and more loving and understanding :)

Rolf: We are more understanding than ever about our wants and needs. This year has been generally less conflict-rich than e.g. last year i believe. And we like this trend.

9. What was your favorite compliment your partner gave or the kindest thing they did for you this year?

Jenny: I think one of the kindest thing was that when Rolf flew to Finland to help me out with the moving stuff when I was super overwhelmed. Also handling the move out from Spain was suuuuper great and I appreciate it a lot. Very sweet :)

Rolf: It's not really this one big kind thing. It's more like these little things you do, that make me think you really care for your “man”, like bringing me coffee to the bed, which you did very often especially this year. Or making the bed at my airbnb before leaving it.

10. What is the best thing about our relationship?

Jenny: I think the best thing is that it is so effortless. Or like it feels safe, and gives both room to do what they like without suppressing one another. Yesyes for me I think the safety is the key - being safe to express the positives and negatives - to be yourself. And of course in general we have lots of fun together, enjoy many similar things and support each other so itz all lovelydovely.

Rolf: Sharing our hopes and dreams and working towards them as a team 💪🏼

Huhu so this was a fun little questionnaire to do in order to recap the past year :) Today we will go to celebrate with a nice dinner at the restaurant Nili. Here is pics of the gifts! So Rolf got me a membership to Yoga with Kassandra app, sooo the app of my favorite yoga teacher!! And got a Christmas calendar of one of my favorite cosmetics brands too :))) And flowers and cake ❤ And I got him a facewash and for us some champagne and chocolate!

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