Fall Foliage around Ylläs

This weekend we travelled up north to visit a cabin in town called Äkäslompolo, which is located next to Ylläs. Ylläs is a name of the 718-metre high fell. A fell is a new word for me, but basically Ylläs is a very big hill, lil smaller than a mountain though, so it is a fell. Here's a pic for a reference...

Our ruskaretki (fall foliage trip) companion included me and Rolf, my sister Jutta and her husband Jouni and their son Eino, and my dad and his wife Päivi, and two doggos: my sister's poodle Hugo and dad's old miniature pincher Matti. Päivi had arranged us a super nice cabin where the whole crew got to stay comfortably.

Thanks Päivi ❤︎

The drive from Rovaniemi took about two hours and we arrived to the cabin late Friday evening. My job on the way was to keep my 2-year-old nephew Eino entertained. And I guess I did not do too good job as he fell asleep... And then I tied his head to the car seat for extra support as seen in the pic - lovely. Well, sleeping babies are very chill though.

When we arrived Friday night it was lil too late for any action. So some nice food and chill was perfect. For the next day the plan was to go biking with electric mountain bikes. These bikes have thick and durable wheels, great springing and electric motor for extra help. At first I was not even sure am I gonna be in the mood for biking, but as Rolf was sick I took the bike which had been reserved for him. Then me, Jutta, Jouni and Eino set for a ride together. Lil Eino got this cute extra seat attached to his dad's bike so he got to experience fast and furious mountain biking. This pair was definitely a head turner!

I hadn't biked for years but I think the old skill was still there. The bike was pretty cool, and the electric motor was a great help in all steeper hills so the biking did not get too tiring. Okay the saddle of the bike ain't the comfiest, but I guess you're not supposed to be sitting down comfy either way as these bikes are made for extreme routes... Our route around Kesänkijärvi was about 11 kilometers with a nice variety of scenery: swamp, forest, lake and all dat. The fall foliage colors were gorgeous!!

After the biking we got home for a little lunch. Jouni and Jutta were determined to go for another and more extreme bike route where Eino could not come with. So the rest of the crew took Eino for a walk in the trolley instead. Or I guess the point was to go to grill some sausages at the bonfire for Eino, but this little guy was way too grumpy so he rather focused on napping in a trolley or having a lil tantrum than any bonfires that moment...

After this walk I had already a fresh air poisoning and a definite overdose of little kiddos so I did some nice yoga in peace at the cabin. Yin yoga with affirmations is my go-to when the world seems too overwhelming hahah and yup it again helped me to calm down and find my inner peace. Btw this past Thursday I started a new course called The Art of Abundance by my favorite Youtube yoga teacher Kassandra. This course includes yoga and meditation plus some extra shadow work. I am super excited and I'll write more about it later :) Anyways, after the yoga I was back in the game and ready to socialize wuhuu. We went to eat some at the nearby restaurant called Well and got some tasty burgers.

The food coma was real and in the evening we just chilled at the cabin. The Lord of the Rings

Two Towers was on TV ah luvli but could not stay up late to finish whole movie haha. Lil sauna was enough to put me to sleep way before midnight... The next day started off little rainy so we decided to just enjoy breakfast brunch before heading to Rovaniemi.

All in all - Ylläs is super pretty place this time of the year :) Highly recommend some autumn colors spotting for everybody!! And for a family vacay this was very peaceful too so I think the trip was a success :)