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First Week Feelings

One week of Valencia behind. It went by super fast. Loots of things to get done...

The very next day after my arrival, the lessons began in the University of Valencia. It was a hassle to figure out all the classes and the paperwork, student and mobility cards, new email and student account etc. I missed the official introduction day on January 24th but luckily it does not seem to be a big problem, as there was an additional introduction info on Monday.

My classes are nothing what I had originally planned. There were technical problems during the enrollment and most of the classes were already full by the time I got my enrollment went through. So now I have consumer behavior, international taxation, international economics, financial statement analysis and operational management. You've gotta take what you got. The classes seem fine after all :) might need to drop the operational management tho as there is no corresponding class in my home university... Let's see!

Other than school we have walked around our hoodz to learn the place. Very pretty!

People are nice and our apartment is in pretty central location making it easy to get everywhere. The weather is amazing. Feeling positive about Valencia! Of course there is still so much to do to get really settled so lil overwhelming at times.... Weeelll now some piccos.

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