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¡Hasta Luego Valencia!

Time flies but memories last forever. Yup, a tasteless cliché, but if it brings comfort I take it. Our five months in Valencia has ended and I am feeling a bit sad. Or not sad really. Plaintive? Thanks google translate...? I feel like haikea in Finnish. Anyways, it is not a negative feeling, just a bit sad to leave but very grateful. I really liked Valencia, and the time there was very lovely even though it was nothing like the exchange student semester I had pictured before. The Covid-19 cut off the face-to-face teaching at uni and destructed the party scene, but on the other hand, it offered time for personal reflection and healing which I really needed. And when the restrictions got lifted, I felt fresh and more ready to enjoy normal life again.

After the complete lockdown things opened slowly there was a chance to enjoy the city for the last month. And so we did :) We did lots of walking, and even more eating. Plenty of good restaurants! We took our job supporting local restaurant industry very seriously....

Valencia is really pretty city. It has lots of green areas, beautiful architecture, art and beach.

Even though the city is great, I think the people who I met were even better ❤︎ Lucky me!! I had somehow landed myself into Valencia techno/house whatsapp group in winter, but for the first four months I participated in the group only by lurking... Anyways, after the lockdown was lifted the techno people planned a meetup, and I took a chance and showed up. A good choice! Really liked these people right away. So chill, so fun - luv them. And of course the same music taste guaranteed that we had some great parties! Till next time:)

In addition to partying during the last weeks in Valencia, we also went to the beach and did some water activities. It was finally possible to do the jetski + flyboard thingy which we were supposed to be back in March for Rolf's birthday, which was exhausting af, but super fun!

The last day before moving was obviously busy, but fortunately we hired a cleaning lady to do the moving out cleaning and thus I did not have any mental breakdown as I usually do when we move hahah. Anyways, after packing everything we took a van ride to Alicante to catch the flight.

We will miss you Valencia... See you later ❤︎

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