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My new German friend Jana convinced me to go for a weekend trip to Madrid with her - and I'm glad I went! Also got to see Sara and Arturo :)

The trip started off when we took a blablacar from Valencia to Madrid on the Saturday morning. The drive is about three and a half hours but this driver made it under three hours, which was probably partly causing my motion sick hahah. And oh boy those roads here go up and down and left an right a lot.... After all, I survived the trip without puking so success!!

The first thing to do in Madrid was to find a special store selling clubmate - Berliner's and their Clubmate addictions... Then we checked into Bastardo Hostel, very cool place with a nice central location! I was especially impressed by the smart design of the dorms. The beds surrounded the rectangular shower in the middle of room, in a way that there were only two beds per side, providing this nice privacy even in a dorm setting. And also the sinks and mirrors were smartly set outside of the bathroom to make bathroom lines way shorter.

After dropping of our staff we headed for a quick lunch burrito and went off to meet up with Sara and Arturo! And then we walked. And walked. And walked. More than twenty kilometers.... But ok we saw lots of the sights!

After the necessary sightseeing was done, we did a small recharge at the hostel before focusing the more important stuff - food and drinks! These are definitely my favorite things while travelling, I just love to try out new restaurants and especially check out some new beers and bars. Madrid definitely could offer some great places, and we got Jana's friend Daniel as a local guide so we got some insight experience.

After the aggressive sightseeing on Saturday we had a very chill Sunday started off with an amazing brunch. I just loved the brunch place we found! Had the best vegan brunch menu.

After eating too much we decided to eat even more - this time some world famous churros! Interestingly enough, they were not sugary and sweet at all. More doughy, but very nice! We also went for a nice graftbeer bar called Mikkeller - three new beers on my untapped :) Honestly, we also tried to educate ourselves at a museum, but the line was just too long... But then instead we went to the cutest inside market thingy and played pool at the fun little bar until midnight. Definitely a super nice day!!

On Monday, there was only a few hours time before our drive back so of course the only right choice was to spend that time brunching ♥

All in all this trip was very nice! No ragrets:)

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