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I have let this blog just sit for a while, waiting till I feel called to write something. And now, I feel called to write a bit about Montenegro where we spent October :) and of course to publish some piccos!!

Ok let’s go! After we spent September in Dubrovnik, Croatia, we crossed the Croatia-Montenegro border by car. It was all pretty smooth transit even though Montenegro is not part of the Schengen area or the EU. There were no lines at the border and we only needed to show the passports and the negative Covid-19 tests and were good to go in like 2 minutes. The drive and a short ferry ride to our new homeplace in Tivat took only 2 hours.

Tivat is a nice coastal town in southwest Montenegro, located in the Bay of Kotor. We got an AirBnB at Premium-Designed Apartments and omgomg the apartment was the cutest! And the landlord was awesome too. Pretty sure this was the best apartment we have ever stayed at. I can only recommend it!

As we stayed in Montenegro for a whole month, there was no rush to run around sightseeing all day everyday, so the daily life was mostly workwork. However, Tivat offered many good restaurants and cafes, a fancy af Marina called Porto Montenegro, beautiful scenery and exciting nature - so we had a great time exploring :)

The weather in October was still nice, like +20 during the days and mostly sunny. And ohhh soo many plants and blooming flowers still everywhere!

As a very notable event and a personal milestone - I got my hair dyed the first time ever!! And also a shorter haircut that I've had in years. It was quite scary and took many days to get used to - but now I love it!!

Rolf’s and I’s anniversary is on October 14th, and we spent it at the Regent Porto Montenegro hotel. Such a wonderful experience! The room was great, and the staff had put an extra effort for the special occasion. We enjoyed the hotel spa during the day and the restaurant and bar were great too! All thanks to Rolf of course :)

Rolf’s mother came to visit us and we explored together some neighboring cities of Tivat: Perast, Kotor and Herceg Novi. Each was unique and super cute - I can't pick a favorite!!

Mental health wise, October in Montenegro was such a bliss. I was slowly emerging from the grief of Pyni's passing... and feeling more and more joy and gratitude!

Also the scenery with the sea and the mountains awas just breathtaking. Tivat was a quiet little town, yet it still was no way boring. And omg the apartment was so perfect!! There lots of cats and dogs around everywhere (well-fed and taken care of) so I was able to get some cuddles - which obviously bring an immense joy... 🖤Lots of happiness, love and peace :)

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