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New Year, New Me!

Wuhuuu it is 2020 and it is time to shine! The year started off back in Rovaniemi with an amazing new year's party celebrating the new decade - and my 25th birthday a week early. The official birthday date, 7th of January, is always the day when everybody goes back to work or school and everyone is still tired after the holiday celebrations so yup learned the lesson and decided to celebrate early.

The day before the party we did some serious shopping and preparation but also some of us also had time to go sledsliding on the hill nearby with the breathtaking view of the sunset (which comes around 2.30pm in Lapland)...

The celebrations were hold on my childhood home, which is now owned by my oldest sister Jutta. Thanks for having us!

In addition to music, food, drink and drinking games, we had a heated outside pool palju and of course sauna. We had a great time, too bad there is never enough pictures taken... Only few of these extremely blurry pics.

There was only a minor mental breakdown late at night but other than that it was really great to see everybody and I was very moved how friends even outside of Rovaniemi were able to participate, veery grateful:) Thanks again everyone involved!

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