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Pyni is 13

The very sweetest angel has her birthday today!! I just can not believe she is already 13. Like a real old doggo.... Luckily she still has her spirit and seems to be in a great shape :)

Before the celebrations, Pyni really needed a bath and very nice trim. Grooming is definitely not her favorite thing... But you know, sometimes you need to sacrifice for the beauty. After a couple of hours grooming, and some fighting, she looked amazing. All the street-dog vibes were wiped off and she was purely elegant.

And of course Pyni needed a cake!

This was a quick version but I think Pyni loved the cake regardless.

We went to the Turia park close by for the celebrations. It was actually Pyni's first time at this park, and she liked it. Of course eating the cake was the highlight for Pyni, we humans enjoyed some strawberries. Then there were a traditional birthday photoshoot :)

Pyni looks so beautiful and elegant ahhh I will cry.... Additionally we took some pics together.

Ah this dog is my favorite creature in this whole world. Love her so much. So grateful for these years together and praying for years to come. She is sweetest angel and the most annoying bitch all in one packet - would not change a thing. Pynpyn is the best :)

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