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It's been two weeks since the lock-down. The lock-down here means that only grocery store and pharmacy trips are allowed while all the other stores and businesses remain closed. You can not go out nor any kind of gathering are not allowed. There can be only one person in a car too. And apparently Spanish police is very strict about these rules, people have been stopped on the streets and asked for their reason to be outside - and whenever there is no good reason they have gotten fines ranging from 100 up to thousands... So yup, we have stayed inside.

At the grocery stores you are expected to shop alone and keep your distance to others, and at the door you're provided with a hand sanitizer and gloves as a welcome treat. There is a purchasing limit of 6 products/person, to avoid any excessive hoarding. Rolf was caught trying to buy eight coca colas... But I think the purchasing limit has been successfull, and most of the shelves are full again.

Additionally, you are allowed to take a doggo out - veery lucky for us!! Poor Pynpyn has not been too excited about taking those walkies with three people, especially when the weather has not been the bestest and oh well she is just not a big fan of exercising in general...

Other than taking turns of going to grocery store and taking Pyni out we have been pretty productive in my humble opinion. Of course, this lock-down did not change Rolf's life much as he works on the computer normally too so all chill for him. Okay, he is a bit sad about missing the gym but we have had a homegym going on for all of us. Pyni is coaching!

Other than doing some workouts, me and Sara have kept busy by eating, reading, studying and watching different shows. We have been very disciplined with the Spanish studies, my duolingo streak is over six months already! Not so sure how well the duolingo streak shows tho... But additionally, there is this Erasmus language course which I am taking :) Also found this Yale course on science of well-being and it seems super cool!! Oh and there has been some extra time for personal development stuff too, even started a book on law of attraction called the Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard and bought the You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero.

The university classes also started again after the "Fallas" holiday week. There have been some technical problems as the virtual classroom crashed kind of easy... Other than that the transmission to online has been pretty good. Some teachers seem to be determined that we will return back to university sooner than later, which I seriously doubt. These professors who are all about getting back to physical classroom teaching are also the oldest ones, so I doubt it will be safe for them to start teaching face-to-face again this semester... Additionally, most of the other exchange students have left Valencia and are not planning on flying back anymore so dunno how could they continue the real classes...

Anyways, probably the food has been the highlight of this quarantine. Usually Rolf does the cooking but as he is pretty strict with his fasting and diet, Sara has taken over and luckily she is a great chef. We have also kinda started intermittent fasting, so we really like to savor our meals a bit more than usually. Not sure about the personal health benefits of fasting yet, but at least we have a little control over the eating habits now so all good.

For special occasions we have also have ordered food or got a cake. I think it's been four cakes in past two weeks... Celebrating birthdays or just our survival in the quarantine hahah.

Generally, when this community eats - we watch something. That something includes some movies, I think we have covered some great classics such as three first Harry Potter movies and Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and I bet something else I cannot remember now... We have also watched way too much 90 day fiance, and Finnish Temptation Island. No ragrets tho, I think all these help us keep it together while we are locked inside the house.

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