Sick Pyni

Very scary times!! Around 4pm today Rolf noticed that Pyni was shivering weirdly. She was just laying down and shivering and breathing kinda heavy. No idea what's going on so I called mom and my sister and did some googling which of course just made the panic increase... As it's Saturday only the emergency vet was available, and I called her and told about Pyni's symptoms. The vet couldn't give any diagnosis, as the symptoms could be linked to so many different things such as internal bleeding or poisoning. Pyni's temperature was normal but the pulse was high.

Jutta came over and as she also saw how Pyni seemed to be in pain, we drove her to the vet's emergency room.

There two veterinarians inspected Pyni and took multiple tests. It was clear to see that she is in pain, but as she was so apathetic she did not react on anything and it was hard to see which part of her body was hurting. Also her temperature had risen and she had a fever and very high pulse.

Vets decided to give her fluids as immediate relief. The tests did not indicate anything clearly, but the ultrasound showed veeery vaguely that there might be something wrong with the kidneys.

Therefore Pyni was given painkillers and antibiotics for the kidney infection.

We drove home and Pyni is just a mess after the painkillers, but luckily she is not in pain anymore. But it is so awful to see how she, the most greedy dog in the world, refuses to eat. Also it is so sad that Pyni is so sick that she did not get excited about seeing my mom even though they have been apart for five months.... But the only thing we can do now is to wait. Pyni is calm and pain-free, she just needs to rest.

Sara, Arturo, Ansku and Rafael came over and we ate dinner altogether, as it is the last night of our Rovaniemi adventure. Additionally, the northern lights showed up! Very exciting for our southern guests. Pyni just chilled in her painkiller coma.

EDIT!! 7.1

Pyni is back in game. The next morning she already looked better and was able to eat. Lil tired for sure but I think the medication kicked in really fast. We were able to take a train to Helsinki, and she was bothering the poor neighbors haha. Love Pynpyn, she's the angel.