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The Doomday

The COVID-19 aka coronavirus has been causing drama in Asia already since the last winter but the Europe and Spain did not get their fair share till later in. And oh boi, when it hit us - it hit us hard.

Everybody in Spain was just minding their business and keeping it calm till the last minute. Even when Italy's situation close by was out of control, here in Valencia we were preparing to the Fallas street festival and one million visitors in town... Well the tables have turned now.

Ironically now on the Friday 13th the news told that all the restaurants and bars will be closed from midnight onward. Panicpanic!

Me and Sara were quick to catch the common panic mode and rushed to the grocery store to find the empty shelves. We were able to find food too but still it was pretty crazy to see how much food people had hoarded. Naturally, we joined the apocalypse crowd and tried to get as much food as possible even though all the basics such as pasta and potatoes were missing.

The closure of the restaurants caused us also to change the plans about Rolf's birthday dinner and we went for the last supper outside already a day before his real birthday.

It seemed like lots of restaurants had closed their doors even before the official ruling and there were barely nobody on the streets. Very unusual scene on Valencia for real.

Anyways, we were able to find a nice Italian restaurant and we had a big dinner. Great appetizers, wine, pizza and risotto - luvli carb overload.

The restaurant staff hurried us away before the midnight and we strolled on the empty street for a bit. It was quite sad to see the Fallas decorations already on, even though the whole festival got moved till July... I had been so excited for this event, and Sara also came here for the party but oh well nobody could have guessed how the corona will change our daily lives..

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