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On The Move

The day when Finnish grayness changes into Spanish sunshine.

Woke up this Sunday morning feeling fairly fresh. Naturally, everything was no ready for the moving yet... So the morning started off with the final packing, weighting the bags, and finishing up the cleaning of the apartment. Did not want to leave any mess or stuff behind me, but somehow I ended up having one box of essentials which I just could not take with me - so it stayed at Jonna's. Now just keeping my fingers crosses that Jonna won't burn that box while I'm gone...

Anyways I did get everything done in time. We were all ready to go, but somehow I managed to create a lil panic-attack about calling a taxi to me and Pyni. So yup, this mental breakdown delayed the schedule about thirty minutes..

But luckily, after some unnecessary crying, I was able to call the taxi which took Pyni and I to Malla's. From there, Gerd drove us to the airport. In the end we were not even that late soooo probably not worth the panic after all...

At the airport we headed straight to the check-in counter with Pyni. The officials did a normal passport check, and additionally they took a picture of Pyni and her carriage box next to each other, apparently to have a proof that the box is a right size for her. That was something new to me.

After taking Pyni out for the last time, I walked her to the security clearance spot. They double checked her box and secured her inside of it, and off she went. Always sad. This time there were two other big dogs in the cargo with her. These other dogs seemed to be little nervous so I really hope they did not cause Pyni any stress.

In the plane I first meditated a bit. I have greatly enjoyed this meditating app called smiling mind, it has been a great way to start learning meditating and this time I really needed some help to calm my mind. After the meditating I was ready to sleep happily for the rest of the four hour flight. When we landed, I was able to witness how Pyni was unloaded from the plane. Such a cutie - looked very calm.

I got Pyni and the bags, and then we sat down at the airport for two hours waiting for Rolf to fly from Berlin.

When he arrived we all continued the journey together to Valencia. This time with a van. It is about two-hour drive from Alicante to Valencia. Naturally, Valencia also has an international airport, but no direct flights from Helsinki so yup that's why we chose to fly only to Alicante.

The drive went by super fast. Luckily, our landlord was able to come let us in even though we arrived after 10pm. Blessed.

Everything is okay, now to sleep!

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