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Visions Without Limits

Dream big, they say. Never stop dreaming. Although it sounds so simple - it is not so easy. Not for me at least. Often while trying to dream big I run into a brick wall of cannots and impossibles, neatly build by me. My inner pessimist is quick at pointing out the "reality". How could you afford that? Dreams don't feed you! You can't do that.

But that's old news now.. This year is the time for the real changes and doing things differently - and dreaming! To visualize my dreams I will make a mix of a vision board/fantasizing/creative workshop exercise. The point here is to dream big - and completely forget financial constraints, morality mumbling and all the other imaginary excuses why I could not create my life just the way I wanted to.

"Your job isn't to know the how, it's to know what and to be open to discovering, and receiving the how." -Jen Sincero

A vision board is a visualization tool filled with a collage of words and pictures that represent your goals and dreams. Google will tell you all about it.

The vision boards are super cool and useful, but now I will try to combine a typical vision board with two other exercises I have found from the books: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero and Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. These exercises involve fantasizing about what would you do if you had unlimited funds, likelike seriously billions and billions. Fun! But to make this exercise a little shorter and more organized, the creative workshop method will keep these dreams locked into four categories: myself, my home, relationships and work.

Next, I will go through each of these categories briefly. What would I do if I had unlimited funds and I could just focus on the things which bring me joy? In addition to pictures for visualizing these dreams, I try to further open up the feelings that I imagine I would feel when I reach these goals or have these things in my life. The stuff is written in the present tense to make it feel like I already have it to intensify the manifestation.


First of all, in my ideal life, I would do tons of yoga. Yoga makes me feel good, and helps my mind and body to connect. Meditation also of course. With unlimited funds I attend all kinds of retreats and yoga experiences and learn from the best teachers. I feel good and my body is strong and flexible.

I would also wear super nice clothes. Pretty, good-quality and sustainable of course. I look beautiful and I know I am supporting my values by buying sustainable products. Hand-made maybe! I know who makes my clothes, and I know who I am supporting with my purchases. Oh, and I will work with the best stylist and tailors to make sure everything is gorgeous.

For further looks-wise thinking, I would fix everything that bothers me. Or maybe not actually do anything, but the feeling that I can afford to change my looks if I want makes me empowered. My atopic dermatitis skin condition is under control and I have perfect skin. I have some nice lashes and nails to feel glamorous and make the getting ready faster. I only use the best organic products and try all the coolest treatments to look great and feel even better. I care about myself and it shows.

The same with food. I eat the tastiest, best quality food. Preferably vegan as I feel good when I live up to my values. Maybe a few eggs from my pet chicken. I prefer local food and buy from the local farmers when possible. Everything is organic. I go to awesome restaurants too. I am what I eat: awesome. I am an amazing chef - or better, I hire a professional chief!

With unlimited funds, I would definitely dedicate more time and energy to language learning, and my first languages to master are Spanish (soon) and later Russian. The languages are super interesting and learning them allows me to connect with the foreign culture. I feel comfortable when I speak the languages and traveling is even more fun than before. Maybe I have a great teacher too. Or a tandem partner at least. I will also have a mentor. Maybe many! I feel supported by the team around me. I know who to ask for help.

All in all, I'm filled with good energy and it radiates around me. I live up to my own values. It is easy to see that I feel good. I take care about my body and love every part of it.

Hahah oh wow, I already feel so much better about myself by just doing this exercise!!

My home

Oh wow I cannot decide one dream home for me. So I will go with modest four options, in different locations and with different vibes and maybe even in different phases of life :)

First of all, I have a tinyhouse on wheels or maybe even a van. It has all the basics inside and still looks cute. I feel free as I can just change the scenery whenever my mood changes and can park up to some amazing spots. I feel free, energetic, adventurous and ready for action.

I also have an access to this amazing rustic house somewhere deep in the nature. No need to own it, but sometimes I want to have the peaceful space maybe up in the mountains. It has amazing dark wooden floor and lots of plants. Some older furniture with stories behind them. Cozy and bit darker interior colors, dark wood, maybe copper details - but still has lots of natural light. Overall gives out older rustic cabin vibes, and I love it. Feels like tea drinking, reading, writing and contemplating life. Doing puzzles. Relaxed. Connected with nature.

Oh and then the bohemian beach house. Bright with natural light, some colors and light wood. Amazing balcony with a view!! Outdoor area for chillaxing obviously. Perfect weather always so the doors are never closed. Lots of open space in general. This calls for yoga and meditation. But also for socializing, cocktails, partying. Vibe is hyped but focused, productive but so serene. No hurry and tons of energy.

Lastly the cozy flat in the city. The safe place in the midst of the busy downtown. Small. Lots of plants and and cozy textiles. Feels homey af. Has everything, but not too much of anything. Except plants... Like overload of plants. They connect me to the nature even in the city. And give the fresh air. I breath nice. It is very nice here. Could stay here most of the time - I love it.

Haha ok I can't wait to visit all these awesome homes!! Pretty convinced I need these four spaces in my life. They're all lovely!

My Relationships

Very tough one to put these in pictures... But I guess some cheesy quotes will do hahah.

In my relationships I feel supported and appreciated. My friends have my back no matter what. We share the ups and downs together. We pick each other up and push each other forward. We are surrounded by positivity and love. We keep in close contact but are also able to pick up from where we left after times of silence. I feel safe to express myself freely with my friends. There is no need to prove our friendship, no pressure nor expectations. It comes naturally with ease. Just joy, compassion and sometimes a bit of tough love to call out each other's bullshit if needed.

In my lovelife I am happy and safe. Lots of love. We understand each other and appreciate our similarities and differences alike. The past is accepted, the present is embraced and the future is supported. We never get tired of learning from each other. Our love is a partnership in which I trust completely. I feel excited about the future and all the things we can build together. We love spending time together but stand strong also when we are apart. We know that relationships require work and we do everything to make things better and help each other grow. Romance. Cuteness. No control, no need to change - just love.

I make new friends easy and I let the toxic one go when needed. I connect with people around the world and learn from them. I feel confident and attract the right people into my life. I feel connected. Happy. Heard. Loved. And appreciated. I bring the best version of me to every interaction. I treat others like I'd like to treated. People are good. Kindness is cool.

My Work

Honestly, no idea what my ideal work would be. But on the other, this is a fantasizing exercise so there is zero limits. I will let my mind roam free and think about things which interest me and what brings me joy. No need to have any real plans yet, not one true passion but tons of great idea to pursue :)

Maybe I somehow connect my interests on human mind and my love to animals. And obsession towards prisons. Yes, maybe I bring therapy doggos to the prisons and then offer therapy or coaching to the inmates or something. Or maybe I am a yoga teacher. Some kind of coach. Or the investor queen who just runs her own charity programs. Or preach Harry Potter to the kids. Help out trouble teenagers. Have the old animal sanctuary. Probably all, but in the different times of life. The work doesn't feel like a burden, it's a great opportunity.

My work gives me the tools (money) to live without a worry. I feel that my work is meaningful. I help people or animals, probably both. I bring joy to the others and to myself. It makes the world a better place. I wake up stoked to do my daily work. It is fun, rewarding, inspiring and important. Got the best team around me. I feel that I make a difference in daily basis but also know taking days off is okay. I remember to take care of myself first. I can make my own schedule. I feel free. I share my knowledge and soak up new information around me. I am excited.

Alrighty I could go on and on about these endless possibilities of life!! But maybe this is enough for the one go - I can always come back and write more. And I will. Maybe actually wanna do the physical vision board too to have something to look at the first thing in the morning and get excited about life :) But online thingy is easier to carry around... Hmph.

Anyways, this was super fun! I spent tons of times finding cool pictures and just getting more and more hyped hahah. Definitely a superduper good exercise to make you feel excited about life! Just gotta remember to focus on the positive giggle about all the cool stuff possible - not to the not so exciting lack of it atm... Good things are coming! Believe.

The moment you have the audacity to start believing in the not-yet seen, your reality will begin to shift. -Jen Sincero

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