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Welcome Freedom

Oh wow! It has been more than two months since the lock-down started in Spain our lives changed completely - but now we are having some freedom again. About a week ago, exercising outside between 6-10 am and 8-11 pm was allowed and people who have never run in their life rushed to the streets hahah. Understandable after being locked in to home for seven weeks... It's time to get outside to enjoy this beautiful city.

For us the lockdown never was so brutal as we were always allowed to take Pyni for the walks outside. It also explains why I was not soooo crazy about going outside to exercise when it was finally allowed. You can do yoga indoors all fine... But Rolf started this habit of walking ten thousands steps daily, and I have joined him twice to check out some new hoods.

After all, I think this quarantine has done a lot of good to me. Finally there was a real change to really stop for a moment and kind of re-orientate. Really calm down and focus on myself.

And I got to admit it - I think I am in a way better mental space now than I was before the lockdown. Might sound crazy, as this has caused just the opposite for many folks. But somehow for me, whose life has been constant change and race to do everything this has been very purifying experience.

I have learned so many new things about myself and well-being in general, and hopefully I will carry these new perspectives and habits with me even now when the life is moving back to "normal". Self-development is almost my new passion, something I really want to learn and apply with intention. Moreover, I have set my goal of self-development to find my inner happiness and peace, and then - everything else will fall into their place.

Actually there is a google docs reflection journal tracking my progress and ways of finding that happiness. Maybe I will share it here later.... Let's see. Lots of my techniques of self development are based on this free Coursera course from Yale "The Science of Well-Being"

I am not even sure how did I find about this course - but I am so glad I did find out! I love it. The teacher is awesome, the structure is neat, there is enough science and practice - 5/5.

I am almost sad that I am nearly done with this course... It' been so much fun, interesting and enlightening.

Additionally, I have gotten a bunch of knowledge and especially motivation from Jen Sicero and her book "You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life". It is funnily written, but full of valuable info. Jen knows how to kick your ass. I have also learned lots of valuable insights from Neville Goddard and his "The Power of Awareness" and from "Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires" by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

My closest friends Sara, Kaksu and Laura (pändi) also started this super gratitude/positivity habit of listing three positive things about our days every night and adding a one nice self-compliment daily. It really forces you to count your blessings and think nicer about yourself.

We also started a morning yoga movement which includes about 10 minutes of yoga combined with an affirmation every morning. Amazing way to set a nice tune for the day.

Also I have taken more time to meditate and the Smiling Mind has been a great help. It is this non-profit web and app-based meditation program developed by psychologists and educators to help bring mindfulness into your life. There are all kinds of guided meditation in the app, and it has been very interesting to try different ones and learn more about mindfulness.

All in all, no harm done here. Of course due the Covid-19, my exchange year ended up being something completely different than expected but oh well things happen, and you better make the most out of it :)

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