About Jenny

My name is Jenny Jakkila. I come from Finland, from a city called Rovaniemi. These days I live mainly abroad as a digital nomad while creating my online business. 

After a life-changing spiritual awakening, I have been called to live soul-led life.  A life where well-being and happiness come first. A life where intuition takes over the rational mind. Where love wins fear. Where purpose matters more than productivity.  A life where I feel fully empowered.

Only a few years back I was living quite differently - focusing on survival and struggle. Undoubtedly, struggles do not just disappear, but I found beauty in the whole human experience. In the shadows and the light equally. I found my passion for serving the Universe by being my authentic self.


I love exploring the world. Meeting new people and helping each other. Connecting. Learning. Experiencing. Expanding.


Enjoying the little things in life yet dreaming BIG. Trusting the process and moreover, enjoying each step along the way! 



I am here to encourage you to live your life to the fullest. To truly thrive instead of merely surviving!


My mission is to help you to feel the divine power within you. To provide tools and guidance for personal empowerment.


I support your expansion when you're ready for it! 



My vision is to live in a world where every one of us feels fully empowered!


Safe to be the most authentic self. Feel fully. Be happy. Understand their worth. Create their dream life.

A world where everything is possible.